European Physical Conditioning Association

European Physical Conditioning Association  EPCA was established February, 24th 2006 in Zagreb, Croatia.

The goals of the EPCA are to:

improve the professional work of physical conditioning coaches based on the newest expert and scientific discoveries

provide education and specialization for physical conditioning coaches in Europe

protect and promote expert and professional status of EPCA members working in Europe

provide social protection of EPCA members in concordance with positive European legislature, as well as individual decisions by EPCA bodies

pass proposals, attitudes, opinions and initiatives regarding all matters of common interest to EPCA members.

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Međunarodni seminar kondicijska priprema u sportskim igrama 2017


pozivamo vas na  “Međunarodni seminar kondicijska priprema u sportskim igrama". Seminar se održava u nedjelju 26.veljače 2017. Detaljnije